First of all, thanks for all the patient listening for the past few months and being able to understand and not judge my thought processes, that is probably what all therapists do right For real, it had been tough mentally since the process started with all the different things popping up throughout, thanks for being able to find quick solutions to my constant thoughts and issues that came up and for being able to cheer me up at the end of each session. One of the main concerns as I started the sessions was the money spent and I thought to myself I was crazy. Now, going through the process I know I am going to get immediate returns for my actions and service provided to the universe with a deeper understanding of myself and my needs, already feeling the universe resonating with all the changes that are going to happen for next year. The breathing exercises and stress / anxiety coping mechanisms I will use throughout my life and I am sure the future me would look back and thank you for helping me process my childhood, career situations, relationship insecurities etc and help removing the stones that I may / may not have realised at a later age and still kept carrying.

I am happy that I got more clarity of the person I am and now I can really start my journeyand figure out more sides of me with a better understanding. Thank you for everything!