Was TeilnehmerInnen über mich sagen und fühlen

First Testimonial:
His excellent expertise , his enthusiasm and his commitment make Mr. Lugani a great asset.
LSI Manager D.H.

2nd Testimonial:
I pretty much enjoyed the inspiring and authentic way you presented this training. I was wondering how this training would be from an inside point of view. As being a trainer myself, I can say one of the best trainings I attended. Thanks a lot! J.D. Manager, Bayer AG

3rd Testimonial:
Working with you was of great benefit for our company.
Centerworx Management, O.S. CEO


Meine Kunden:

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Bank


Klax gGmbH

centerworx® Immobilienmanagement

The Juice Plus+ company

Kombi Consult GmbH

Tandem bqg

Schartmann & Taubner Gbr

Schule am Friedrichshain

Waldkita Lübars

Klukas Concent GmbH (Jetzt Kleemann Concept)

Bayer AG

muveo GmbH

Voss automotive

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